What is a Bareboat Charter?

A bareboat charter is a clean and ready to go vessel that you rent and skipper on your own. You need to have previous experience on chartering, owning, or credentials to show your experience on a boat before.


Look our fleet section to read which boat would be best suitable for you. Register and log-in into our system and you will fill out an application form about your experience on sailing. Once we know your qualifications, we will send you a code which will allow you to online book your charter.


Our fleet

At KSC we have a small but mighty fleet of beautiful boats for the sailor that wants both comfort and adventure.  With our boats ranging 28ft-42ft, we can find the best fit for you anf your group.

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Packing tips

Don’t know where to start packing? we got you!


Read our check list to start planning what to pack, we also have included a sample meal plan so you can get and idea of what to prep for your meals.


Not experienced enough?

While you charter you can learn along a Wavelenght instructor on board while doing a private lesson.