Yacht Charter


Do you own a 35-45ft sailboat? OR
Are you looking to buy a sailboat but not eager with the hassle of maintanance and costs that come with it?

If so, why not consider chartering your vessel and receiving an income for the times you are not using it. Charter income will generally look after the cost of boat ownership and in some cases, generate additional revenue.

Charter income is split 60/40. Meaning 60% for you and 40% for Kingston Sailing Charters (KSC). KSC will maintain and market your yacht. Our clients are vetted based on sailing experience, sailing resume and references.


Why trust us?

We charter 2 of our own boats in Kingston Sailing Charters and feel that we have good grasp of what charter clients want as well as what boat owners need. Our clients want a ready to sail, comfortable, well equipped boat. Our boat owners need well vetted charterers and personnel on hand to oversee that everything is in order.